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At Optimum Neurology, we want our patients to live their best, most complete lives. We realize that neurological conditions can be incredibly disabling and want to help.

If you have been recently diagnosed with a neurological condition, are looking for a fresh take on your disease and its treatment, or have noticed new or worsening symptoms, contact David S. Tabby, D.O., at Optimum Neurology for a consultation.

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Conditions we treat

Multiple Sclerosis

There are, however, four distinct types of Multiple Sclerosis, which have different progressions. When a patient is diagnosed with MS, however, they will generally be diagnosed with one of three specific types of MS (RRMS, SPMS, and PPMS). Which type a person has can shift over the course of their disease. 

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Although there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, many new treatments have been developed in the last two to three decades. As such, patients with MS live longer and less disabled lives than they used to. As your MS specialist, David S. Tabby, D.O., will work with you to find the best treatment for your life and the course of your disease.

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Chronic Migrane

Significant advances in treatment occurred in the 1990s when triptans that can relieve acute migraine attacks became available. Although there is no conclusive answer as to what causes migraines yet, many sufferers are better able to control and mitigate the symptoms of their migraines than at any point in history.

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There are two primary methods of treating a migraine; Acute and FDA Approved Medications and Lifestyle Changes. Acute medications are used to break a migraine when it begins and eliminate the pain. While making lifestyle changes that mitigate the migraine risks and reduce the overall number of headaches a person has.

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General Neurology

Modern technologies mean that there are now many treatments for conditions like multiple sclerosis, chronic migraine, and other neurologic diseases. These advances have allowed doctors like Dr. David Tabby to help his patients live longer, healthier lives with fewer disabling side effects from common neurologic conditions.

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Neurology and neuroscience have made dramatic gains in the past thirty years. Once the Internet was a reality, and doctors and researchers could share information in just minutes instead of days or weeks, the ability to collaborate on solutions for conditions like a chronic migraine and MS advanced causes.

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Patient Testimonials

Diara Z.

5 star review - last week:

"Been with dr.tabby for 2 & a half years he's truly an amazing doctor and actually cares for you ! When no other doctor knew what was wrong with me he did ! I love him"

Imani G.

5 Star review - 5 months ago:

"I've been with Dr. Tabby since my MS diagnosis in 2012. He is, hands down, the best doctor I've ever had! He and his staff are very friendly and professional. He takes his time to treat his patients and shows genuine concern for our well being. Having MS is hard, but being treated like family when you walk through the door of your neurologist's office sure does make a world of difference. :-)"

Sabrina H.

5 Star review - a week ago:

"Very caring, knowledgeable, GREAT!! The staff are awesome."