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There are two primary methods of treating a migraine; Acute and FDA Approved Medications and Lifestyle Changes.

Acute medications are used to break a migraine when it begins and eliminate the pain. These can be very effective, but using them too often (medication overuse) can lead to headaches caused specifically by the medication. This is obviously counterproductive.

FDA approved medications, try and reduce the frequency of an episodic migraine, such as certain anti-seizure medications or blood pressure medications.

To try and avoid medication overuse, much effort is focused on identifying migraine triggers and risk factors and making lifestyle changes that mitigate the migraine risks and reduce the overall number of headaches a person has.

For example, snoring creates risk factors for a migraine. A sleep study to identify if sleep apnea is causing snoring may both reduce snoring and also reduce migraine factors.

Since there are so many other conditions that can mimic a migraine, seeing a neurologist can help make sure that other health concerns are ruled out is an important piece of treating chronic migraine. Once a chronic migraine is diagnosed, you can trust Dr. Tabby to help you find the best possible medical treatments for your migraines. We want to see you living your fullest possible life; contact us today for a consultation.

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