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Being diagnosed with a neurological condition, or discovering a new symptom that appears to be neurologic in origination, can be terrifying. While the science of neurology has rapidly advanced in the past three decades, there is still much that is unknown about conditions like a chronic migraine, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases of the central nervous system and brain.

To diagnose a neurologic condition, David S. Tabby, DO., will generally consider a series of tests and options. These can include:

  • In office tests that examine balance, perception, sensory input, and more.
  • A complete medical history.
  • CAT and MRI scans.
  • Blood tests.
  • Spinal fluid analysis, and more.

Once a full picture of what is affecting your neurology has been gathered, David S. Tabby, D.O., will work with you to make sure you understand any diagnosis, including what impact it will have on your daily life, and what medications or treatments are available to help improve prognosis.

If you have a new or concerning neurological symptom, contact David S. Tabby, D.O., at Optimum Neurology to learn more about diagnosing your condition and managing your health.


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