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MAY 20, 2021

Great to meet Dr. Tabby through my computer. First visit was very helpful.


MAY 13, 2021

Except for the drive, always a pleasant experience.



Dr. David Tabby Has been my neurologist for 25 years. He has saved my life four times. Dr. Tabby is also a great man. He honestly cares for his employees. And loves his family most of all. Be in his office. They are his second family as I many others are under his care. I am so blessed to be under his care. For 25 more years. With a warm heart.



A good doctor a caring doctor



One of the best neurologists in the greater Philadelphia area by far. Dr. Tabby’s approach to patient care is hands on and extremely integrative in finding you the best solution. He really takes the time to listen and understand what the patients’ concerns are. Highly recommend. 5+ stars.



He’s the top of the crop. I could not ask for a better Neurologist. Keep up the great work, Dr. Tabby.






Dr. Tabby listens to you and responds to your needs. He is a genuinely good person.



Dr. Tabby is awesome. So is his staff.



Great doctor



You’re the best.



He is a great provider; he takes his time to listen to what is going on with you. He does not talk down to you. He goes above and beyond his job. I’ve never been to a provider who listens to my concerns and actually takes them seriously. I would definitely refer this provider. The office is clean and there is free parking.



I want to express that this doctor is extraordinario. He a has with kindness and seeks all resources at your fingertips. I was patient with him in Philadelphia. Now I am in Atlanta and health here is a nightmare.



My initial appointment went great! He was very helpful and eager to figure out the problem. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well.



Dr. Tabby is a class act neurologist. I have been a patient of his since 2008. He treats me for migraines and pain management due to a very bad back injury. I cannot thank Dr. Tabby enough for diagnosing my CIDP (a neurological autoimmune illness).


MAY 13, 2021

'Dr. Tabby always takes time to make a connection with his patients. He really wants to know how the symptoms are affecting his patients daily life. He works with them to come up with practical solutions and answers.'


MAY 12, 2021

'Dr. Tabby and his staff exemplify outstanding service to the patient. The staff is very pleasant and helpful, and Dr. Tabby is an excellent clinician that listens and cares about his patients. This practice represents excellence in every way!!'


MAY 11, 2021

'Dr Tabby was ready a couple minutes early for my virtual appointment. His approach is very patient-centered. He is patient, easy to talk to and always answers my questions.'


MAY 07, 2021

'It is a pleasure being treated by Dr. Tabby and his staff. He combines expertise and a willingness to listen. He is a great doctor.'


MAY 07, 2021

'Very professional and good doctor'


MAY 05, 2021

'Very personable, never felt hurried. Set my mind at ease.'


MAY 05, 2021

'Dr. Tabby is truly awesome. He is caring and takes his time with the patient so you are not feeling rushed at all. He is incredibly knowledgeable and will answer all of your questions and explain procedures thoroughly. I’m grateful he is my doctor!'


MAY 03, 2021

'This is not just a doctor's office, this is a family that takes care of you. Each and every employee at Optimum Neurology strives to provide you with the best service during your visit. Dr. Tabby is by far one of the most amazing doctors I have come across. If you are in need of a Neurologist....look no further. Don't wait another moment. Call today and start seeing a difference in your well being and health.'


APR 30, 2021

'Excellent staff, Dr. Tabby is awesome and listens to his patients.'


APR 29, 2021

'Best neurologist around will help you with anything and explain what you need to know.'


APR 29, 2021

'Being able to have a one-on-one visit with my neurologist in the comfort of my own home is wonderful, being able to talk about my progress as a seizure patient I feel that my overall health matters to my physician. Dr Tabby has seen me through my worst and best times. I would highly recommend him and his office staff to anyone who wants to become healthier and have their life back on track looking forward to the future.'


APR 28, 2021

'He did a great job'


APR 23, 2021

'Excellent professional.'


APR 22, 2021

'He has a sense of humor and he is professional'


APR 22, 2021

'Dr tabby is always willing to listen to my issues and work out a way to deal with them'


APR 22, 2021

'Dr. Tabby is caring and very attentive during appointment. Treated me with respect and carefully reviewed my progress and developed a medical treatment plan for my MS. I travel from S. Jersey to see Dr. He is the best Neurologist in the Delaware valley.'


APR 21, 2021

'Such an awesome doctor I wouldn’t go to anyone else !!!'


APR 20, 2021

'Wonderful doctor. Patient, kind and LISTENS!'


APR 19, 2021

'Dr David Tabby it’s one of the Best Neurologist, caring, awesome Doctor .!!!'


APR 13, 2021

'Dr is polite and knowledgeable and caring.'


APR 12, 2021

'Dr Tabby and Staff is wonderful!!! Always polite, patient, and friendly. I am so thankful I found Dr Tabby. He is very informative shows Empathy and provides superb Care.'


APR 09, 2021

'Dr Tabby is extremely knowledgeable & always answers all my questions. I would and I have recommended Dr Tabby to friends & acquaintances.'


APR 09, 2021

'Best neurologist I've seen. Very thorough and really cares about his patients. Always goes the extra step to help his patients.'


APR 09, 2021

'Dr. Tabby was excellent! He took his time and talked to my mom. He showed sympathy and empathy in regards to the symptoms she experiencing. He took his time and explain to her about her condition and treatment. Explaining in detail medication changes and exercises she can do to help reduce her pain.'


APR 08, 2021

'He is the best doctor I've worked with he makes you feel easy and doesn't rush things. He also is patient with people and takes time listening to them.'


APR 07, 2021

'Dr. Tabby is a wonderful neurologist. I'm very happy with his service. He's down to earth, open minded, empathetic & respectful. I'm so happy to have found him because the neurologist I had before him sucked.'


APR 06, 2021

'Dr Tabby took his time to understand all the issues I was having. Because he was so patient and understanding, he gained my trust to take his suggestions and move forward with testing'


APR 02, 2021

'I have been with Dr. Terry for many years and I love how he takes care of me and make sure I’m doing is good as I possibly can.'


MAR 30, 2021

'Dr. Tabby is a thoughtful and caring doctor who takes into account a patient's entire history prior to making any recommendations. He is thorough and leaves no stone unturned.'


MAR 30, 2021

'Very nice people, the staff is great and very helpful. They treat you with respect and listen to your concerns. The Dr. Is cool friendly and worries about his patients. The nurse is awesome. I would recommend them to anybody.'


MAR 29, 2021

'The doctor was very kind toward my mom and he listen to our concerns I recommend him to whoever need a neurologist thank u so much Dr Tabby'


MAR 26, 2021

'Dr. David Tabby is incredibly attentive, knowledgeable, personable, caring, and thorough. He takes his time to gather information and to make sure he addresses any and all concerns you might have. I’m grateful he was recommended to me!'


MAR 25, 2021

'Amazing dr and staff, I literally would never go to another neurologist!'


MAR 25, 2021

'After over 12 yrs of chronic pain and countless neurologist and pain management Dr's, Dr Tabby has bien the only one that has helped me manage and control my pain. Not only me but as I have witnessed all his patients think and talk nothing but the best of him.'


MAR 18, 2021

'Greatest doctor ever!'


MAR 17, 2021

'Dr Tabby and Angelic and Artentina are always so helpful. Dr Tabby really listens and understands where you are coming from. I am so thankful to have him as my neurologist.'


MAR 16, 2021

'Dr. Tabby was very down-to-earth and willing to think outside of the box. Very good bedside manner, too!'


MAR 11, 2021

'Very compassionate and understanding doctor'


MAR 11, 2021

'Dr. Tabby is the best doctor I have ever had. He goes the extra mile for his patients. He is at the top of his field but still down to earth. His care has helped me improve my live significantly. Knowing your doctor really cares about my health makes me feel valued as a person/patient.'


MAR 04, 2021

'Dr. Tabby is one in a million! He is knowledgeable, patient, open, listens with curiosity, and is exactly the sort of neurologist you need and want on your side. We’re thrilled to have found him thanks to the recommendation of our compounding pharmacy. And, if you need to wait longer in the waiting room, you still won’t regret it! He’s a gem! His office staff is pretty great too!'


MAR 03, 2021

'The Best Dr and Staff'


MAR 02, 2021

'He is easy to talk to and straight forward.'


FEB 27, 2021

'I've had Dr. Tabby for years now and I wouldn't trade him for nobody under the moon. I love me some him. He is EXCELLENT.'


FEB 25, 2021

'Dr. Tabby listens and works with you to set your treatment plan. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. My situation has improved with being in his care.'


FEB 23, 2021

'Dr Tabby and his staff are the best! Angelic and Argentina are attentive to details, take the time to listen to you. Dr Tabby allows you to make decisions in your own health and he is truly a blessing. I’m not sure how he has enough time in the day to help as many people as he does! I’d recommend him as a neurologist to anybody.'


FEB 12, 2021

'I've been Dr. Tabby's patient since 2009. I've followed him where ever he moves his office. His compassion toward others is heart warming, he takes his time with each of his patients and is a good listener. As a doctor he's the best. HIs employees are awesome very respectful and kind. They speak Spanish too.'


FEB 11, 2021

'Dr Tabby was recommended to me on a piece of paper with other names of similar doctors that treat my condition. I happened to choose him and I couldn’t have gotten any luckier to find not only an incredibly intelligent doctor but also someone who is so very compassionate and caring. In the short time that I have been seeing him, he has helped me with my condition tremendously. He is just a fantastic Doctor and his entire staff is wonderful as well. 10 Stars!'


FEB 08, 2021

'Everyone that works in the office is extremely professional and nice! Dr. David Tabby is a wonderful Doctor who listens to me and takes excellent care of me! I would recommend Dr. Tabby over any other doctor that I have been to and I’ve been to a lot.'


FEB 04, 2021

'I have followed Dr.Tabby from one office to another to another. And I would follow him until the end of the earth! I’ve seen many neurologists and not one can compare. Been a patient for over 10 years!'


JAN 29, 2021

'My wife has been under the care of Dr David Tabby for many many years. His empathetic, intelligent, gentle good humor style reflects a winning attitude. We are most grateful for Dr Tabby's steady support as we navigate some of life's most difficult challenges.'


JAN 28, 2021

'Love Dr Tabby and the office staff!!'


JAN 27, 2021

'Very attentive, relatable and understanding doctor. Refreshing to have a doctor that cares!'


JAN 23, 2021

'Wonderful visit. Dr. Tabby is compassionate, listens to his patients, suggests possible new therapies. Thanks.'


JAN 21, 2021

'Dr Tabby was very helpful in answering all my concerns about my husband'


JAN 20, 2021

'Very professional and knowledgeable'


JAN 14, 2021

'I have been seeing Dr Tabby for about 15 years+ years. Great doctor!'


JAN 13, 2021

'Dr. Tabby took time to understand my condition, symptoms and concerns. He offered answers including alternatives. He does all this while creating an informal and relaxed environment.'


JAN 12, 2021

'Questions and answers were replied very nicely and understandable.'


JAN 09, 2021

'Dr. Tabby has been my neurologist for about 6 years. He is very thorough and addresses all issues. I highly recommend Dr. Tabby.'


JAN 08, 2021

'Dr. Tabby is a very good doctor and he listen to his patients. I appreciate him very much as a doctor'


JAN 08, 2021

'Everyone made me feel really relaxed. Thank you for that.'


JAN 07, 2021

'We appreciate Dr. Tabby’s guidance, patience, honesty and caring.'



Dr. Tabby always takes the time to really figure out what is going on with me, and is very thorough. I completely trust his instincts and treatment plans. I have had other neurologists, however, Dr. Tabby is by far the absolute best. He makes me feel safe and I know how much he cares for myself and my family. Having a chronic disease is often scary, but Dr. Tabby works hard to put my as well as my husband's mind at ease; helping so much more than he would ever know. He also has a very caring staff that are fantastic! I recommend Dr. Tabby to everyone who needs to see a neurologist. He makes a difficult diagnosis feel surmountable.



Dr. Tabby is by far the best doctor I've ever been too. For so many reasons. I came to him with a list of problems and he knew exactly what I needed. His treatments really help me! I love that he does infusions. He's always there when I need him, responds quickly to emails. When I need extra time to talk at appointments he gives it to me. He really cares about how you're feeling. He goes above and beyond any care I've had anywhere else. Chronic illness took so much of my life away from me, I feel like Dr. Tabby is handing parts of it back to me. I feel so much better since becoming his patient. In addition to being an excellent doctor, he is also a kind, caring, and compassionate person I'm so glad to know!



Dr. Tabby is absolutely amazing. It’s hard to find a doctor who will take time out to actually talk to you and see what is going on. He listens, he is attentive, caring and compassionate. Dr. Tabby looks out for your best interest and makes decisions with you or guides you in the right direction for a better way of life. He is also very funny and can help you find comfort in his care.



Dr. Tabby is a kind, intelligent and comprehensive physician. He not only listens to what brings you into his office that day but also other issues you may have, whether it be personal or medical. I have never felt rushed during my appointments with him. He does an excellent job remembering who you are and truly knows his patients. He presents different treatment options and explains each of them in depth including pros and cons, then allows you to help pick what is the best treatment for you. It took time to find the right treatment plan for me but Dr. Tabby was patient and willing to switch medications around to find what works for me. Dr. Tabby is always willing to fight for his patients and truly has my best interest at heart. Additionally, his support staff is better than any other practice I have been to. Angelique and Argentina know me by name and also always have my best interest at heart. I am very thankful to have found this practice.



For years, I struggled emotionally and physically with my auto immune. The best call I made was dialing the number to Optimum Neurology THREE YEARS AGO. The telephone call was answered with pleasantry and care as I explained why I was calling. I’m writing this with tears of joy, because living with an incurable disease is both frightening and depressing. Calling this establishment, will be THE BEST CALL YOU’VE EVER MADE!!!! “YOU BETTER GET YOUR LIFE BACK!” Dr. Tabby and his staff SAVED MY LIFE! Because I was truly dying inside!! They are BEAUTIFUL, NO NONSENSE, CARING PROFESSIONALS!! When is the last time you’ve been to a practice wherein the physician personally take you back! The physician walks in greets EVERYONE! The physician sits you down and speak with you like you’re a PERSON, not just a patient or the “9:00 appt.” The physician or staff will follow-up, to assure your doing well! I could go on and on, but you’d get tired or reading. BUT I AM ABLE TO LIVE WITHIN MY LIMITS!!! There was a time when I surely thought I wouldn’t or didn’t want to be here.... DR. TABBY and Optimum Neurology, SHOWED ME I COULD “LIVE WITHIN MY LIMITS!”



Dr. Tabby is a fabulous neurologist ! He gives you hope on your neurological journey. Dr. Tabby makes you feel comfortable when you are so scared with your new diagnosis . If I were able to give him more than a 5 star I certainly would have!!! The office staff is just as lovely as Dr. Tabby. When you call the office they are always friendly and kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Tabby for your neurological needs. Dr. Tabby is the VERY BEST!!!!!!!



Dr. Tabby is a class act neurologist. I have been a patient of his since 2008. He treats me for migraines and pain management due to a very bad back injury. I can not thank Dr Tabby enough for diagnosing my CIDP (a neurological autoimmune disease). He definitely saved me from becoming incapacitated with his quick and often hard to diagnose cidp diagnosis. He is a fantastic diagnostician. His bedside manners surpass many in the medical field. He has a special gift of making his patients feel at easy, along with explaining treatment plans and diagnosis in a way his patients clearly understands. You may need to wait a bit to see him but he is worth the wait. He spends as much time that's needed to care for each patient. Hence often running behind. However you won't mind the wait because he'll give you the same focus and time that's needed to cover all you concerns etc. My daughter and husband are also patients of his. I have referred well over 10 people to Dr Tabby and All have been completely satisfied with his care. He truly is an amazing dr. He's Always compassionate and focused on your needs as a patient. He is very opened to trying holistic treatments on top of and in conjunction with traditional medicine. His staff is kind and easy to work with.



Dr. Tabby and all of his amazing employees are kind courteous respectful and very patient. They listen and make you feel like you matter. They understand your pain and work hard to try and help you. They are like no other doctor's office out there. How many of you can say that you called a doctor's office and you were on the phone longer than 5 minutes, got an attitude from the front desk, asked for a message to be sent that never got sent and so many other frustrating things. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN AT DR. TABBY'S OFFICE!!!! I'm so happy that I have a team at Optimum Neurology. Thank you.



You’re the best.



Second visit with Dr. Tabby and he has answered all the questions that I've had in the last 7 months. I feel hopeful that I will be feeling better soon. Dr. Tabby has great bedside manners; that all doctors should still practice.



Most Caring & knowledgeable doctor I ever been to. He has the most caring Staff. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK



I want to express that this doctor is extraordinario. He a has with kindness and seeks all resources at your fingertips. I was patient with him in Philadelphia. Now I'm in Atlanta and health here is a nightmare.



I highly recommend Dr Tabby and his staff. They are extremely attentive and knowledgeable. I had a very pleasant experience and will definitely be returning to their office.

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